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SC Billet Alloy CNC A-Series 7 Port Cylinder Head

Specialist Components revolutionise the A-series tuning market again with our unique billet alloy 7 port cylinder head.

Designed using 3D CAD modelling and rapid prototyping techniques, with over 200 hours of design time, the cylinder head is machined completely from a solid block of aluminium by the latest technology of 5-axis CNC computer controlled milling machine. This cylinder head is a UK designed and manufactured product, manufactured in Norfolk by TML Precision Engineering.

Available in two stages:

Fully Assembled Cylinder Head

  • 5 Axis CNC machined from solid
  • New bronze valve guides
  • 36/31mm stainless one-piece valves
  • High quality single springs
  • New collets, top caps, seats etc.
  • Uses standard rocker gear and LCB
  • Includes bespoke manifold fittings
  • Use your existing camshaft
  • No cylinder block modifications required
  • Uses standard cylinder head studs (11)

Fully Assembled Cylinder Head with complete Engine Management System

  • Billet alloy 7 Port cylinder head as listed above
  • 36mm bespoke direct-to-head billet individual throttle bodies
  • SC Storm 2 engine management ECU with USB PC interface and software
  • Custom throttle linkage and throttle cable
  • Complete bespoke high quality wiring loom with all sensors
  • SC A-series trigger kit and sensor
  • Set of new fuel injectors
  • Bespoke fuel rail
  • Ram pipes with built in filter backplate mounts (Fits round-nose Mini)

Fitted to a 1380cc A+ engine, this cylinder head produced over 120bhp and 100lbft of torque using a CalverST RE13 road/rally camshaft. The torque is spread over a very wide engine speed range making for an extremely driveable engine. When fitted with an exclusive SC race cam grind, it achieved 135bhp and 105lbft torque making for a monster hillclimb, sprint or trackday engine. Both dyno gaphs (genuine figures measured on a high-end Schenck engine dyno - no rolling road figures here!) are shown below.

No additional porting or hand finishing of the cylinder head is required. All the ports are individually optimised for maximum air flow at all valve lifts and they are reproduced in every head with exacting accuracy by the CNC machining process.

The cylinder head can fitted as a simple DIY bolt-on upgrade, the engine does not need to be removed from the car. With our bespoke billet throttle bodies it fits with air filters under a standard round nose Mini bonnet. Also suitable for fitment to Midgets, Sprites, Minors, A35s and all other A-series applications.

Place your order now, heads are normally held in stock and can be supplied off the shelf. If you have any questions please contact us for further information.

Separate Weber DCOE Inlet Manifolds are also available.

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A Series Billet Alloy CNC 7 Port Cylinder Head
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